A focus on individuals lab-members and specific projects, redacted as short and illustrated spotlights (hereby focus) will illustrate which challenges we face and what kind of work is concretely done in the lab. As the focus are ready to be published they will be listed in this table.

Site Published Date Name Title
Bylot Island – NU 25/03/2015 Frédéric Bouchard  Ultra-rapid bathymetric mapping: a very useful technique in paleolimnological research
Beaver Creek – YT 21/04/2015 Michel Sliger Yukon – Beaver Creek : Air ducts
Bylot Island – NU 25/05/2015 Frédéric Bouchard Glacial lake sediments: nice paleoenvironmental archives.
Matanuska – AK 08/06/2015 Michel Sliger Alaska – Matanuska. Thoughts about the frontal moraine


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