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The Geocryolab is a periglacial geomorphology laboratory located in the Geography Department at the University of Montreal. Its research topics orbit around the formation, evolution, destruction, heritages and significance of permafrost in Arctic, Subarctic and Alpine regions of North America. Our work tries to link fundamental and applied projects and crosses geomorphological, earth sciences and geoctechnical studies as a mean of a better understanding of permafrost processes and characteristics. An active member of such groups as the Center for Northern Studies (CEN), ArcticNet and Arctic in Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition (ADAPT), the Geocryolab is developing projects along a latitudinal gradient spanning 3500 km, and from eastern Quebec to Alaska, covering all zones of permafrost occurrence (continuous, discontinuous and sporadic). The following interactive map display the localization of the team main research sites in addition to the localization of the institutions Pr. Fortier is affiliated with.

Our projects reflect the research axes of the lab, which cover the significance and importance of ground ice formation, presence and destruction in the natural and/or humanized environment. These axes are:

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