Maxime Campeau

Position: B. Sc. Student

Supervisor : Daniel Fortier

Cosupervisor : François Cavayas


Department of Geography
Strathcona building, room 404
Université de Montréal
520 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, Qc, Canada, H2V 2B8

Email :


Project Title : 

Geotechnical properties of a marginal alpine permafrost body on Mount Jacques-Cartier.

Project description:

Alpine permafrost environments in lower latitudes are a misunderstood phenomenon. As a matter of fact, very few research and studies have been made on thoses particular regions where that specific type of permafrost body is located. Knowing this, the mandate of the Geocryobal is to gather enough data to produce and numerical model based on a variety of factors explaining the distribution of those isolated permafrost bodies in the Chic-Choc range. More precisely, my research consist in gathering more data on the geothermal properties of the soils and landforms specific to this type of permafrost bodies, especially depending on parental material, geomorphological forms and slopes.

The objectives are to :

  • Quantify the heat capacity and the thermal conductivity of the blocks and fine sediments found in this specific type of environment
  • Characterize the different periglacial landforms (patterned grounds, block slopes and felsenmeer)
  • Explain the general thermal regime of this permafrost body.

The main goal of this research is to acquire enough data to generate an efficient and precise modelling program in order to locate potential zones of discontinuous alpine permafrost bodies such as Mount Jacques-Cartier. Furthermore, modelling these geotechnical properties could help in estimating the remaining lifetime of those permafrost bodies.

Keywords :

Alpine permafrost, geotechnical properties, patternerd grounds, thermal regime



Scholarships and mentions :

2014 : Full scholarship, Carabins Volleyball
2014 : Scholarship ‘’Élite’’ , Volleyball Québec
2013 : Full scholarship, Carabins Volleyball
2013 : Scholarship, Jeux du Canada – Fondation de l’Athlète des Laurentides
2013 : Scholarship ‘’Élite’’, Volleyball Québec
2012 : Full scholarship, Carabins Volleyball
2012 : Scholarship ‘’Élite’’, Volleyball Québec
2011 : Scholarship ‘’Relève’’, Volleyball Québec
2011 : Scholarship Cheminots ‘’Performance Or’’
2010 : Scholarship Cheminots ‘’Performance Or’’
2009 : Scholarship Sport Excellence, ville de Saint-Eustache
2008 : Scholarship and award Jean-Marie Dionne, Académie Lafontaine

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