Talk of Gautier Davesne at the annual meeting of the Centre for Northern Studies!

February 18, 2016 in Conference, post by Godin.E

Gautier Davesne presented some results of his M.Sc. researches at the annual meeting of the Centre for Northern Studies on Thursday 11th February. Its presentation, entitled « The thermal regime of mountain permafrost at the summit of Mont Jacques Cartier in the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, Canada: a 37-year record showing an overall warming trend », showed that mountain permafrost at the Mont Jacques-Cartier summit responded very quickly to the warming of the air temperature since the end of 1970s. Its internal temperature is presently close to the melting point. The disappearance of the permafrost body is expected to occur around 2040 if the warming trend continue in the future, inducing major impacts on the local alpine geosystem.

Présentation PowerPoint

Evolution (5-year running mean to filter inter-annual variability) of the modelled mean annual air temperature (MAAT) and measured mean ground annual temperature (MAGT) at the Mont Jacques-Cartier summit.

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