Ground ice at Cape Marre-Sale, Yamal Peninsula, Russia (Daniel Fortier)

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Cape Marre-Sale, Yamal Peninsula, Russia. Mike Angelopoulos, Daniel Fortier, E. Godin and Mark T. Jorgenson (Photo: Eva Stephani)

The origin of ground ice is important to understand how the landscape evolved in the past and will continue to change in response to climate change. Geocryolab members and colleagues worked on the origin of ground ice at Cape Marre-Sale. We proposed that buried glacial-related ice forms vast portion of the permafrost of these icy coastal cliffs.

Additional information: Fortier et al. 2012. Origin of massive ice at Cape Marre-Sale, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia: contrasting views:

Beaded stream, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.

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Beaded stream is a type of periglacial stream which is characterized by its seesaw pattern and numerous ‘beads’. Beaded streams evolve over hundreds of years from the degradation of the upper portion of ice wedges due to water flow in ice wedge trough. The so-called beads are located at the junction of ice wedges. Beaded stream are expected to become more frequent in response to climate warming.

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Thermokarst lakes in Yamal Peninsula, Russia

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Thermokarst - RU














Thernokarst lakes in the permafrost zone, Yamal Peninsula, Russia