Audrey Veillette: Recipient of a NSTP scholarship for the upcoming 2015 field season

May 6, 2015 in post

Congratulations to Audrey Veillette, who was awarded a Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) grant. Audrey will continue his study of the thermo-erosional gullies at Bylot Island from the 20 May 2015.


Audrey on the field at Bylot Island in summer 2013


Michel Paquette awarded a PFSN grant for his 2015 summer field work!

May 4, 2015 in post

Congratulations to Michel Paquette, who was awarded a Northern Scientific Training Program grant for his 2015 summer season field work on Ward Hunt Island. This summer he will look at preferential flowpaths through patterned ground and their effect on nutrient mobilisation, sources and sinks.

We wish you a good 2015 field work Michel!


Michel on the field in Ward Hunt Island (summer 2013)


Etienne Godin : Recipient of a NSTP scholarship for the upcoming 2015 field season

April 16, 2015 in @en, post

Etienne Godin just obtained a scholarship from the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) which will be used to support his field logistics at Bylot Island (NU). NSTP is managed by the Canadian Polar Commission.

This summer Etienne will download the ground temperature data continuously recorded by the automatic logger system deployed in the permafrost nearby a gully. These temperatures are useful to better understand the degrading permafrost evolution and active layer dynamics near a gully.

He will update the gully mapping and localize current erosion zones. He will also sample water in a watershed surrounding a gully to obtain the isotopic signature of the various types of water involved in the permafrost degradation.

We wish you a nice fieldwork season !



Ongoing lake drainage (Bylot Island, NU, 2014)


Audrey Veillette and Stéphanie Coulombe obtained a NSTP scholarship for Bylot 2014 !

April 7, 2014 in post-en

Audrey Veillette and Stephanie Coulombe received a grant from the Scientific Training Program in the North (NSTP) for their work at Bylot Island.



Source – Andréanne Beardsell

Etienne Godin – NSTP Scholarship

March 31, 2014 in Article, post-en

Etienne Godin just obtained a Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) scholarship. This will be use for logistical support such as transporting equipment at study site at Pond Inlet and at Bylot Island (Nunavut).

The title of his project is The permafrost thermo-erosion process in the continuous permafrost zone.  Upcoming this summer :

  • continue the discharge monitoring at gully outlet
  • gully contours mapping
  • fine-scale polygon topography mapping
  • surface moisture and active-layer depth monitoring near the gully
  • download of dataloggers left on the field last summer
  • maintenance of dataloggers systems