Yukon fieldwork : finding ice-wedges

September 4, 2015 in post

Our Geocryolab colleagues Lyna Lapointe, Benoit Loranger and Manuel Verpaelst are currently in their way for the last fieldtrip of the season to westernmost village of Canada (Beaver Creek, Yukon).

The snow is already waiting for their one-week mission. On the menu: ground penetrating radar, gravity meter, drilling and environmental monitoring for this final part of the ice-wedges detection project. Have a nice fieldtrip!

Map Yukon Besver Creek

Beaver Creek – Yukon – located at the red star on the map

Beaded stream, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.

October 27, 2014 in post

Beaded stream is a type of periglacial stream which is characterized by its seesaw pattern and numerous ‘beads’. Beaded streams evolve over hundreds of years from the degradation of the upper portion of ice wedges due to water flow in ice wedge trough. The so-called beads are located at the junction of ice wedges. Beaded stream are expected to become more frequent in response to climate warming.

Glossary : http://nsidc.org/fgdc/glossary/

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(Photo D. Fortier © Geocryolab. If you’re interested to use this picture free of charge for research, publications or courses, please contact us)


Ice-wedge polygons in the valley of glacier C-79

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