Alaska – Matanuska. Thoughts about the frontal moraine

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The most recent frontal moraine pushed by the Matanuska glacier (Alaska, USA) appears as an unsorted till mound with relatively recent vegetal cover (Figure 1). Opposed to it, in the lowest areas of the ablation moraine, the till is generally reworked by the dynamic hydrological processes of the thawing glacier. This glacier and ablation moraine complex is still active, and is a good site to observe the contemporary land forms that became relict at the Beaver Creek study site (Yukon).


Figure 1: Overview of the frontal moraine (Matanuska glacier, AK)

Late spring at Glacier C-79, Bylot Island, Nunavut

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Glacier C-79 2013













View from the front of the glacier C-79, Nunavut, Canada in June 2013.

Excursion at the Matanuska Glacier – Alaska – 2011

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Excursion to the glacier of Matanuska during the 2011 Spring