“Cold War” in Potsdam, June 2016 (Vilmantas Prėskienis)

October 26, 2016 in Article, post

Remember these days when USSR and USA were the two competing powers, and Europe with China were just little players? No? Me neither (I’m too young). But my trip to Potsdam last June reminded me of that. This was the 11th ICOP (International Conference on Permafrost), at which close to half of the participants were from Russia, other big delegation from Alaska (and some other states), and then smaller groups of researchers and students from other “satellite countries”, including Canada, China, Sweden, Germany, UK, etc. Here for a full week, the cold war (or war for cold) continued as in old times.

My name tag bore only the indication that I’m from Canada and my exotic name, which allowed me to be a perfect spy for… I don’t even know who yet. The Alaskans (and their colleagues from other states) were more suspicious about me mingling around, since everyone is expected to understand English, as it was the language of the conference; however I managed to secretly retrieve some information from Russians, French, Swedish and Germans, who had no suspicion I might grasp some words in their languages.

Overall this was a great conference, where every new day brought lots of excellent ideas, and taught me more than a semester-long course at a university. I met my old friends and made some new acquaintances, and finally I’ve learned again, that having lots of nice pictures on your poster is never a bad idea!


Vilmantas in front of his poster at the ICOP in Potsdam

Geocryolab at the AGU Joint Assembly 2015 in Montreal

May 6, 2015 in @en, post

This week took place in Montreal the Joint Assembly of the AGU-GAC-MAC-CGU.

Daniel Fortier, Etienne Godin and Fred Bouchard presented yesterday a session (oral and poster) entitled Dynamics of Permafrost Regions in a Warming World: Processes, Landforms, Biogeosystems I.


Program of the session “Dynamics of Permafrost Regions in a Warming World: Processes, Landforms, Biogeosystems I”

During this session, Manuel Verpaelst presented his MSc project on Mass Movement by solifluction and Syngenetic Dynamic of Permafrost in the High Arctic, Ward Hunt Island, Canadian High Arctic.

Lyna Lapointe Elmrabti, Sabine Veuille and Katerine Grandmont each presented a poster during the Joint Assembly on the following subjects :

Lyna: Paleoenvironmental records from alaskan Late Pleistocene yedoma permafrost : A case study from the Itkillik river

Sabine: Quantifying Heat Advection by Groundwater Flow in the Active Layer: Laboratory

Katerine: Simulations et Impact of Land Cover Disturbances on Permafrost Landscapes in Yukon, Case Studies.

For more information and the complete notices, consult the full program of the conference HERE.

2015-05-05 17.39.31

Sabine V presenting her porster – AGU Montreal 2015

2015-05-05 17.41.11

Katerine G presenting her poster – AGU Montreal 2015


2015-05-05 17.48.32

Etienne G, Sabine V et Manuel V – AGU Montreal 2015