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An EnviroNord scholarship for Florence Lapierre Poulin

January 26, 2015 in post by Godin.E

Florence recently obtained an EnviroNord scholarship. This Interdisciplinary research fellowship from Environorth will support the continuation on her master’s project that started in January 2014. She is studying the vulnerability of arctic fox reproductive dens to climate change on Bylot Island, Nunavut.

Keep it up Florence !


Florence hold a fox during fieldwork on Bylot Island. Photography credits: Frédéric Dulude-de-Broin


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AGU Joint Assembly 2015 at Montreal – Announcement of a session named ‘Dynamics of Permafrost Regions in a Warming World: Processes, Landforms, Biogeosystems.’

January 9, 2015 in @en, conferences, post by Godin.E

Daniel Fortier, Stéphanie Coulombe, Frédéric Bouchard and myself are conveners for a session on permafrost dynamics at the AGU Joint Assembly at Montreal scheduled 3rd to 7th May 2015. The session named ‘Dynamics of Permafrost Regions in a Warming World: Processes, Landforms, Biogeosystems.‘ has an abstract available here

A PDF flyer is available in attachement. The online form to register an abstract for the conference is here :

You are welcome to join in !