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BREAKING NEWS : Frédéric Bouchard – formerly know as the ‘Defrocked Geologist’ now at the Geocryolab

March 31, 2014 in Article, post-en by Godin.E

Interpol and the Geocryolab report that they finally placed under arrest Dr. Fred ‘Feuerstein’ Bouchard, formerly know as the ‘Defrocked Geologist’.


Dr. Bouchard had been indeed conducting geographic research for several years without being himself a geographer. He had succeeded in fooling everyone around him by collaborating on multiple research projects related to permafrost degradation, aquatic ecosystem dynamics, and sedimentology in thermokarst ponds and lakes. In 2012, under a fake ‘scientific coordinator’ identity, he was able to infiltrate ADAPT, a broad-scale pan-canadian research program on permafrost dynamics.




Fred Bouchard was arrested a few weeks ago, after informal negociations with Professor Daniel Fortier, an undercover agent working for the Department of geography at University of Montreal. Professor Fortier apparently seduced Dr. Bouchard with a research project on carbon cycle in Bylot Island (Nunavut).




Dr. Bouchard will be held at the Geocryolab during the following year, with a probable extension penalty in 2015.








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Etienne Godin – NSTP Scholarship

March 31, 2014 in Article, post-en by Godin.E

Etienne Godin just obtained a Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) scholarship. This will be use for logistical support such as transporting equipment at study site at Pond Inlet and at Bylot Island (Nunavut).

The title of his project is The permafrost thermo-erosion process in the continuous permafrost zone.  Upcoming this summer :

  • continue the discharge monitoring at gully outlet
  • gully contours mapping
  • fine-scale polygon topography mapping
  • surface moisture and active-layer depth monitoring near the gully
  • download of dataloggers left on the field last summer
  • maintenance of dataloggers systems





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Arctic Profiles – a web documentary profiling people involved in science in the Canadian High Arctic

March 31, 2014 in Article, post-en by Godin.E

Production by Katriina O’Kane and collaboration by Evan Hall, this web documentary profiling people involved in science in the Canadian High Arctic was set at the Polar Continental Shelf Program installations at Resolute Bay, with visiting science fellows and staff. The web documentary is very inspiring and visuals are outstanding ! Have a look !

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Recent papers – week #13 – Tracers, resistivity in frozen grounds and isotopes

March 26, 2014 in @en, Article by Godin.E

Rau, G. C., Andersen, M. S., et al. (2014). “Heat as a tracer to quantify water flow in near-surface sediments.” Earth-Science Reviews 129(0): 40-58.

Kneisel, C., Emmert, A. and Kästl, J. 2014. Application of 3D electrical resistivity imaging for mapping frozen ground conditions exemplified by three case studies. Geomorphology 210(0): 71-82. 

Timsic, S. and Patterson, W.P. Spatial variability in stable isotope values of surface waters of Eastern Canada and New England. Journal of Hydrology(0). (Early Access)