Physical properties and microstructure of aeolian sand (By Lin Chen)

décembre 2, 2016 dans post par Davesne.G

Climate warming and human activities have led to significant grassland degradation and desertification on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (QTP). The performance of Qinghai-Tibet Railway (QTR) have been affected by aeolian sand transportation and deposition. The physical properties of aeolian sand are of importance to evaluate the long-term thermal performance of crushed-rock interlayer embankment (CRIE) under the combined influence of aeolian sand clogging and climate warming. The soil properties and scanning electron microscope / energy dispersive X-ray (SEM / EDX) were conducted. And a two-dimensional unsteady finite-element model was used to simulate the impacts of climate warming and aeolian sand clogging of CRIE on its cooling performance.

aeolian sand